First footage of Jeremy Fears scrimmaging since injury (Video)

Dec 21, 2023; East Lansing, Michigan, USA; Michigan State Spartans guard Jeremy Fears Jr. (1) drives
Dec 21, 2023; East Lansing, Michigan, USA; Michigan State Spartans guard Jeremy Fears Jr. (1) drives / Dale Young-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State basketball is in a place where they need some good news desperately. Sure the Spartans got a massive commitment from transfer Frankie Fidler this offseason, but that's about the only good news the program's received in a while.

With panic beginning to set in as it's been a few years since Michigan State has had a good season, the Spartans need a lot of things to go their way if they're going to bounce back this year.

One of those things that need to go their way is Jeremy Fears' health, and it appears that he is continuing to inch his way back to 100 percent.

Jeremy Fears seen scrimmaging for the first time

It has been a long road to recovery for Fears after he was shot in his leg last December. However, slowly but surely we have seen him take strides to getting back to the point where he can confidently and comfortably compete on the basketball court again.

And now, about five months removed from his injury, Fears appears to be back to full strength.

In the above video, Fears is seen getting out in transition, making tough, acrobatic finishes at the rim, and knocking down some jump shots. And in all honesty, he looks like the player he was right before his season was cut short.

While the Fidler commitment was a big deal, I would argue this development from Fears is the best news for Michigan State this offseason. Basketball aside, initially it was unknown if Fears would be able to walk again, so the fact that he appears to be at or very close to 100 percent again is amazing.

But Fears is going to play a big part on this team this year. I think he will likely be the starting point guard for Michigan State if he's healthy, and by all accounts, it's looking like he is. Fears will be one of the leaders of this team as well, so having him on the floor again will be huge for the team.

Fears has a chance to be one of the best feel-good stories in the country this season. And after what he's been through the last five months, he deserves it.