Ex-Spartan Jaden Mangham has shocking recruitment update

Michigan State's Marqui Lowery Jr., left, and Jaden Mangham break up a pass against Washington's
Michigan State's Marqui Lowery Jr., left, and Jaden Mangham break up a pass against Washington's / Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA

Michigan State football has seen a lot of turnover this offseason in the transfer portal. Most of the Spartans' entrants into the portal, however, haven’t been that big of a deal, but a few of them have been major losses for the program.

One of those massive losses was from safety Jaden Mangham, who entered the transfer portal about a week ago. Mangham was as close to a guaranteed starter as possible as he is coming off of a four-interception and All-Big Ten honorable mention season. So this loss arguably is one of the biggest this offseason for Michigan State.

However, the loss is getting even worse as it appears Mangham is looking to stay in the Big Ten.

Jaden Mangham is visiting who?

Matt Zenitz with 247Sports and CBS Sports reported that Mangham has three visits scheduled in the coming weeks. The first two visits are to Ohio State and Nebraska which don’t bother me too much. Sure it’s tough to see him stay in the conference, but I wouldn’t lose sleep over him going to either of those schools.

However, the third and final school he’s visiting really upsets me.


That’s right, a former Spartan in Mangham is choosing to visit Michigan State’s biggest rival, the Wolverines. I never in my wildest dreams thought Michigan would ever be an option for any former Spartan, but this decision from Mangham tells me one thing.

He was never a true Spartan.

He never cared about being at Michigan State. Nobody who actually wanted to be at Michigan State would ever even flirt with the idea of transferring to Michigan. I’m fine if someone wants to transfer and typically don’t have any negative feelings toward that player, but this is different for me. Mangham’s heart may have never been with Michigan State. I want players who bleed green and white, guys who would do anything for the program and university because they can’t imagine themselves anywhere else.

That clearly isn't Mangham.

If he decides to commit to Michigan, so be it. The damage is already done in my eyes. Michigan State will be better off in the long run with players who want to be here, not with guys who will jump ship to MSU’s biggest rival when times get hard.