Darius Snow discusses excitement for new Michigan State football staff (Video)

Michigan State linebacker Darius Snow warms up before the game against Washington on Saturday, Sept.
Michigan State linebacker Darius Snow warms up before the game against Washington on Saturday, Sept. / Nick King / USA TODAY NETWORK

One of the biggest questions I had when Jonathan Smith was hired is how the current Michigan State football players would adjust to him and the new coaching staff coming in. Not that Smith had any signs of being a difficult coach to get along with, but you just never know what’s going to happen with current players when a new coach takes over.

One thing is for certain though, if this year’s team is going to be successful, they are going to have to get on the same page as Smith both on and off the field.

Thankfully it sounds like that is exactly what’s happened as many players have been extremely complimentary of the job Smith has done so far and the culture that he’s beginning to put in place.

After practice on Tuesday, veteran linebacker Darius Snow spoke on this as well with the media and shared the big thing he’s noticed with the new coaching staff.

Darius Snow discusses the excitement the new staff has brought in

In Snow’s interview, he said, “Whenever there’s a change there’s that rejuvenation, excitement because it’s new.”

But we all know the big question is if that rejuvenation and excitement will become the norm in East Lansing, or if it will slowly fade away over time.

Snow touched on this as well, saying, “The big thing is it’s sticking.”

He wrapped up his interviews by saying, “There’s a new little bounce, people are excited, and we’ve got some new faces around, some new faces coming in this summer. I like what’s going on.”

It is extremely significant for a player like Snow to feel this way. He is a veteran of this team and undoubtedly one of the leaders both on and off the field. So he has a lot of sway with the guys in the locker room, especially the young guys. So if he’s this positive and excited about what Smith and his staff have done so far in East Lansing, that’s only going to reverberate throughout the rest of the team.

Spartan fans will get their first chance to see this new staff and team in person this Saturday at the Spring Showcase. This will be the only time we get to see the team in person before the season in the fall, so I hope we as fans all get to feel the positive new energy and excitement as well that Snow feels.