A return to Michigan State football is still an option for Derrick Harmon

Michigan State's Derrick Harmon, right, tackles Nebraska's Emmett Johnson during the second quarter
Michigan State's Derrick Harmon, right, tackles Nebraska's Emmett Johnson during the second quarter / Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA

Michigan State football has had a pretty tumultuous offseason so far and has had over 20 of its players enter the transfer portal this spring. Many of those players were far down on the depth chart, so their departure wasn’t a huge deal. But a couple entrants were big losses for Michigan State.

One of those tough losses was defensive lineman Derrick Harmon, who entered the transfer portal for a second time this offseason. This announcement rubbed a lot of Spartan fans the wrong way because Jonathan Smith made him the highest paid defensive lineman in the Big Ten in the winter only for him to enter the portal again just months later.

While many fans are turned off from Harmon and a return to MSU seemed unlikely, it appears that a return to East Lansing isn’t out of the question for Harmon.

In some news that is pretty shocking, Harmon has announced that Michigan State is still in his top five schools. Colorado, Ohio State, USC, and Oregon are the four other schools that Harmon is deciding between.

Clearly Harmon is a great player on the field and would be a starter for Michigan State this season, so there’s no denying that he would help the team immensely. But are we sure we really want him back?

It’s clear that Harmon is looking for a payday, and I’m not sure I want someone with that attitude at MSU. Especially when Smith just gave him a huge payday this past winter. To me it’s clear that his heart really isn’t fully with Michigan State, so I don’t know if he would be a great addition to the team from that aspect. I want guys who want to be at Michigan State because they love the school and program. Guys whose top priority is NIL is a big turnoff to me.

We’ll see how motivated Smith is to retain Harmon, but I won’t be upset either way. If he commits to a different school then so be it, but if Harmon does decide to come back I’ll be excited to have a starter returning to Michigan State for one more season.