3 things I hope to see from Michigan State basketball during Moneyball Day 3

Can Michigan State basketball players shine at Moneyball again this week?
Ohio State v Michigan State
Ohio State v Michigan State / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages
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2. Dominance from Xavier Booker

Similarly to the team’s 3-point shooting, Xavier Booker hasn’t been bad by any means the first two night at Moneyball. Booker finished with 19 and 25 points, respectively, in his first two games.

Now while those point totals would be wildly impressive during the regular season, they aren’t really noteworthy for Moneyball. Guys routinely go off for 30 or even 40 points regularly during Moneyball, but Booker hasn’t reached those numbers yet.

Even a former NBA player has recently said that Booker’s improved vastly this offseason already, but I want to see it for myself instead of taking other people's word.

So I hope we see Booker take over his games on Tuesday and Thursday and explode for 30-40 points. I also hope we see a mix of dominance in the post, mid-range jumpers and 3-point shots from him as well. I think Booker is good enough to be a three-level scoring threat like that, so hopefully he can start showing us that at Moneyball this week.