3 teams Michigan State football should play with Sept. 14 open date

NCAA Football: Spartan Stadium
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2. A dream matchup against Oregon State

The Oregon State Beavers currently have two games scheduled for 2024.

Yes, they have Oregon scheduled for Sept. 14, but I'm sure the AD would gladly take that one off the schedule as Oregon is expected to be a top-10 team going into the season while the Beavers are in a total rebuild. Oregon also has the unique schedule of playing 13 games due to playing Hawaii (It's so expensive to bring everything to Hawaii so the NCAA allows any team playing in Honolulu to play an extra game to make more money to cover the travel expenses).

I guarantee Oregon is not hurting for money so it would be a good time for the Ducks to take a bye week as they will have already played three games by September 14th. Take a year off from the rivalry and start a new one: Beavers vs. Spartans.

Johnathan Smith vs. his old team. Without a conference, Oregon State might be hurting for money so a trip to East Lansing might be a necessity. Beggars can't be choosers at this point.