3 teams Michigan State football should play with Sept. 14 open date

NCAA Football: Spartan Stadium
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As we all know by now, Louisiana canceled its Week 3 matchup with Michigan State football in 2024 to make room for Wake Forest which means the Spartans are looking to fill that open slot.

Who could Michigan State schedule that week?

1. A cupcake game against Delaware State

This might be the easiest and most popular route. Delaware State is currently without a schedule and a trip to East Lansing could pay a lot of bills.

For Spartan fans, we got to watch our rival schedule three Delaware States as their non-conference games and skate to a national title. Meanwhile, we have had to play Washington twice, costing us a bowl game in 2022 (not the sole reason but playing North Southern New Mexico A&T would have given us an easy sixth win instead of being tortured by Michael Penix Jr.).

Delaware State gives Johnathan Smith what should be another easy game to get his players more exposure on offense, defense, and special teams.

It's these early season games that really help prepare for the conference schedule, giving players real time game reps without too much on the line and giving them room enough room for error while making sure they are held accountable, as a loss would be devastating. Give the kids an extra game with low pressure, lower level talent, and getting comfortable in a new system.