3 takeaways from Michigan State basketball players at night 3 of Moneyball

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3. Xavier Booker is showing signs of improvement

And to round off the arguably three most important players to Michigan State’s team next season, Xavier Booker also had his best night of Moneyball so far.

Booker got off to a slow start during the first week of Moneyball, only scoring 19 and 25 points in his two games. This also only included five made 3-pointers combined in his two games.

Fast forward to Tuesday night and Booker shined for the first time at Moneyball. Booker scored an impressive 31 points, but the best part of it all was his seven made 3-pointers.

Those 3-pointers is exactly what we need from Booker this coming season. He is the only post player with the ability to stretch the floor like that, so it’s important that he hits those shots so defenses have to honor him and guard him on the perimeter.

I don’t expect Booker to hit that many threes in any game, but if he can give Michigan State 2-3 per game then that will put them in a very good position every game.