3 takeaways from Michigan State basketball players at night 3 of Moneyball

Hello Frankie Fidler.
Stetson v Nebraska- Omaha
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2. Jaden Akins dominated - as he should

Similarly to Fidler, Jaden Akins will hopefully be one of Michigan State’s better players this season. As a senior and leader of this team, MSU needs him to take a big step forward if they want to have a great season this year.

And so far during Moneyball, he is showing just that.

Akins missed the second night of Moneyball a couple weeks ago, but he has been dominant in the two games he was present for. Tuesday night he scored 32 points on four made 3-pointers, with the only downside being he shot 40 percent from the free throw line. Then on night one, Akins also went off for 33 points including five made 3-pointers.

Now I know Moneyball doesn’t play a lick of defense, but that’s why it’s important for Akins to dominate. If he can’t assert his dominance in this setting then he’ll never be able to during the regular season.

So this showing from Akins so far at Moneyball is exactly what I wanted to see from him so far.