3 reasons my Michigan State football fandom is waning

Sep 16, 2023; East Lansing, Michigan, USA; Michigan State Spartans defensive lineman Simeon Barrow
Sep 16, 2023; East Lansing, Michigan, USA; Michigan State Spartans defensive lineman Simeon Barrow / Dale Young-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Name, Image, and Likeness

On paper, NIL was perfect. If a player wanted to appear in a commercial or sign autographs or make revenue from a YouTube channel, they should be allowed to. You're bringing attention and money to the university and it's only fair that you should be a part of it.

Instead, we had players like Spencer Brown making six figures and he was a disaster on the offensive line. Instead, we have players collect a check for going through spring camp and then jump ship for a bigger payday. Instead, we have recruits who will only take a campus visit, not a commitment, for $5,000. Players should not be paid for just being on your team, let alone being paid by everyday fans.

It's why I can't stand it when coaches crying poor when their team isn't doing well.

"Oh, if only our fanbase could raise more money and we could get better players." No, coach them better and give better recruiting pitches instead of sitting courtside with billionaires.

But this is the culture of today, and the "look at me" culture that Mel Tucker brought to Michigan State: All sizzle, no steak. Put none of the work in, but want all the perks of being successful. In every stage of life, you will find these "bag chasers" but rarely is it sustainable. It's why lottery winners go back to being broke within five years.

And it's not just football, is second-team All-Big Ten selection AJ Storr really worth $1 million? But I digress. I guess these players are worth whatever one person is willing to pay them, even if the production doesn't match.

Between NIL and the transfer portal, college football has officially become a business, instead of an institution. So get comfortable with roster turnover, because the Kenny Willekes and Le'Veon Bells, those underdog rags-to-riches types who work their way into stardom instead of jumping ship because they're not starting right away, will be few and far between.