3 qualities the new Michigan State basketball assistant coach must have

Michigan State v Duke
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3. Younger coach

The last quality I hope Michigan State finds in their new assistant coach is a coach who is young. This may sound like a weird thing to hope for, but I think it is extremely important.

One complaint I see about Tom Izzo in recent year’s is that his scheming and play calling isn’t adjusting to the new college basketball landscape. This lack of adjusting is also seen by Izzo’s hesitancy to use the transfer portal as well. But a new, younger coach on his staff can help combat that.

A young coach will be able to bring in new coaching ideas and schemes that maybe Izzo hasn’t thought of himself. A young coach can also help motivate and push Izzo to use the portal more like other successful programs around the country are doing. The list goes on and on about what a new, young mindset can bring to the program, but a coach with new and more current ideas is something that I would love to see.