3 qualities the new Michigan State basketball assistant coach must have

Michigan State v Duke
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2. Good recruiter

The second thing the new assistant coach must be good at is recruiting. Now that may sound like a dumb thing to say because every coach in college needs to be a strong recruiter, but losing Mark leaves a huge hole in the recruiting department.

Montgomery has proven over the many years he’s been in East Lansing that he is an elite recruiter. He helped recruit the elite 2023 class that featured five-star Xavier Booker. He also helped recruit many elite classes during his first tenure at MSU from 2001-2011. This decade of Michigan State basketball was one of the best in the program’s history, and a large part of that was due to the elite recruiting that Montgomery contributed to.

But the biggest thing Michigan State will be missing from Montgomery is his relentlessness on the recruiting trail. Mark was someone who was recruiting nonstop and always seemed to be out recruiting someone in person. The grind didn’t stop during the season either including when postseason play was beginning just this year.

So whoever the new assistant is, they need to be someone who is an elite and hard working recruiter.