3 Michigan State football official visitors on June 14 I'm most excited about

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This weekend marks the third of four weekends where official visits are taking place in East Lansing. So far this month, a lot of talented prospects have visited. The Michigan State football coaching staff has done a great job of identifying some potential gems that could really make big differences in the future.

This weekend is no different.

We have a total of seven players from the class of 2025 coming to East Lansing between now and Monday. I wrote an article breaking them all down. Check it out for a deep dive on them. For this article, however, I’ve identified three of the prospects whom I think might play major roles for the Spartans should they commit.

Let’s talk about who they are and how they fit as players.

1. Chris McCorkle, 3-star CB -- Sarasota, Fla. (current Indiana commit)

Let me start first with a couple of general statements regarding Chris McCorkle and his recruitment before breaking it down.

First, he might my favorite overall prospect MSU is recruiting this cycle. Second, his recruitment may be the most unique situation of any prospect this cycle for the Spartans.

To the first point, McCorkle is dynamic. He’s 6-foot-1, 170 pounds. His best trait in my opinion is his athleticism. He is a multi-sport athlete and plays both basketball and football in high school. To further prove his athletic prowess, he played two positions last year in Florida. He played both wide receiver and cornerback for his team. To do that in Florida high school football, is impressive in its own right. Florida is certainly one of the hotbeds of high school football talent and McCorkle excelled at both positions last year. 

According to his Twitter, McCorkle reported his stats for last year as the following. On offense, he caught 13 passes for 371 yards and seven touchdowns. That was good for a 22.7 yards per catch average. Defensively, he notched 37 solo tackles, nine picks, and 15 pass breakups. 

The defense coaching staff of Blue Adams, Demetrice Martin, and Joe Rossi could really work on bringing out the most of his game. I think it is not a stretch that McCorkle could have a lot of similar playmaking ability at the Big Ten level. I don’t know if Smith would want to use him on both sides of the ball like he was in high school, but I could see some packages created for him to get him the ball in space and to use his speed if needed. 

The Spartans have been trending favorably for McCorkle of late. The staff have built up a great relationship with him and he loves it here in East Lansing from all accounts. The problem is that Indiana has built up a really good recruiting class and he is still currently a part of that. McCorkle being an Indiana commit, it may be hard to get him to flip away from such a solid recruiting class.

This being said, Martin has reportedly been making a really strong push for McCorkle and its supposedly paying off. He is so widely respected as a position coach, having someone like him on staff often pays dividends when being involved in recruitments for players like this. Hopefully this weekends pitch from all of the coaches convince him to flip to the Spartans.