3 early transfer targets for Michigan State basketball

Stanford v California
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3. Amari Williams

Size seems to be the theme with what the Spartans need and the former Drexel Dragon is no different. At 6-foot-11 and an absurd 265 pounds of muscle, Amari Williams doesn't mess around he's near the rim and that goes for offense and defense. He finishes his shots (62 percent at the rim) but also has range out to the free throw line and ended up finishing the season with 12.2 points and 7.8 rebounds per game (it's insane how bad the Spartans were at rebounding).

But Izzo wouldn't bring him in just for his offense, he was named the CAA Defensive Player of the Year last year and would instantly counter any big man in the Big Ten. He finished last season with 1.8 blocks per game which is 1.1 more than Carson Cooper, who led MSU.

With almost two blocks per game, let's say that takes off, at minimum, two points per game against the Spartans. You don't think the Spartans could have used those blocks against James Madison, Illinois, or Minnesota? You think that would have kept Ohio State out of the paint? Izzo was, is, and always will be a defense-first coach and this kid could become a fan favorite in his last year of eligibility.

It's obvious this team needs help and it sure sounds like Izzo may be changing his tune about what he needs to do to get back in the national tile conversation, and adding the size like these three players have is a giant step towards wearing the Big Ten crown once again.