3 best things about Michigan State hockey's Big Ten Tournament semifinal win

Michigan State's Gavin O'Connell clears the puck against Ohio State in the second period of the Big
Michigan State's Gavin O'Connell clears the puck against Ohio State in the second period of the Big / Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA
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2. Melting Moments cookie sandwich reigns supreme

This being my first time at Munn, I was unsure if the Melting Moments cookie sandwich was just a Spartan Stadium delicacy.

I didn't get my hopes up but that still didn't stop me from thinking about it once an hour, every hour starting last Wednesday. Upon entering the arena, we did a quick lap, eyes darting back and forth for the delicious treat.

After circling the entire arena, I had only seen signs for Dippin Dots (it's the ice cream of the future®) and signs for Icee. Both are wonderful in their own right, but my mind was set on Melting Moments. Once I thought the arena was devoid, I resigned to having a Sparti Parti. Yes, a cold beer and hockey go together like Tom Izzo and March and it's a fantastic second-place prize, but my mind could help but think of how long the wait would be until I tasted the gold at the end of rainbow again.

Less than an hour later, a student walked by our seats with a Melting Moments sandwich in her hand. Like a 5-year-old child, I turned to my wife and said. "Did you see that?! She had one!" At the next stoppage in play, I got up and kept my eyes peeled. It turns out the stations with the big Icee umbrella also have Melting Moments, which is a genius idea because if it was a Melting Moments umbrella, it would bring way too much attention to such a small arena and the lines would be too long and no one would actually watch the hockey.

Yes, I already had ice cream earlier in the day. No, beer and ice cream do not go well together and is a weight loss killer. But when you're in The Louvre, are you not going to see the Mona Lisa? It was everything I remembered it was. Somehow the frozen cookie is soft, and the ice cream flavorful, which I'm sure isn't because of organic ingredients, but it's not like I'm eating these everyday. I tried to savor every bite but like dust in the wind, it was here and gone, and still long for our next tryst.