Michigan State football: The Urban Meyer rumors are swirling again

Another week, another batch of rumors has Michigan State football fans on a roller-coaster.

The Spartans have lost six straight games on the field, but all of the attention has turned to the coaching search at this point. Sure, the loss to Minnesota stunk (as it was the third game that the Spartans should have won on this six-game skid), but the season was already a lost cause and the future of the program rests in the hands of the next coach.

Who will it be?

Well, if we believe rumors and speculation, the answer would be Urban Meyer. But realistically, no one knows who the next head coach will be.

But the Urban rumors are swirling harder than ever before.

Fire behind the Urban Meyer to Michigan State football smoke?

On Monday, more rumors circulated social media with some people claiming their confidence level has gone up since last week and others are rumoring a contract offer on the table.

Do we know what’s true and what’s made up? No, but it’s fun to speculate.

Meyer would be an immediate fix on the field for a program that hasn’t consistently put out a winning team since the glory days of Mark Dantonio. It’s been nearly a decade since this program was a consistent winner and respected on the national stage. Meyer would change that.

However, we don’t know what his interest level in Michigan State is. We do know that the two sides have at least spoken and Michigan State is interested, but we don’t know what the return volleys from Meyer and his representatives entail.

What we do know, though, is that this rumor mill is going to swirl like crazy until he’s either hired as the next MSU head coach or someone else is.

I, for one, am intrigued and am tuning in every step of the way.