Michigan State football: The Keon Coleman saga has been wild

What a week it’s been. It’s only Saturday and the week isn’t quite over yet, but Michigan State football fans have been living in what can only be described as a chaotic timeline.

Social media has created stories left and right about the Keon Coleman transfer and there have been conflicting reports, debunked rumors, and just flat-out chaos.

Ever since Coleman hit the portal, it’s been a whirlwind.

So let’s go over the timeline one more time just so we can all appreciate how crazy and chaotic this entire week has been.

Keon Coleman timeline for Michigan State football fans

The week started on Sunday when Justin Thind of 247Sports reported that Coleman was likely to enter the transfer portal on the final day of the window. This came right after it was reported that Payton Thorne, too, would be in the portal.

Thind then reported that the reason for the departure had a lot to do with quarterback play and Keon had no idea that Thorne was going to hit the portal before he made the decision. Those two just didn’t seem to be on the same page and Coleman was trying to find a new home where he didn’t have to worry about inconsistent quarterback play.

Shortly after this, it was rumored that Coleman was still considering a return to Michigan State while weighing other options.

Rumors then swirled from national media members that Coleman’s departure was NIL-related and those have since been debunked by multiple sources.

Earlier this week after all of that went down, Coleman planned an official visit to Florida State and that’s where he currently is this weekend.

On Friday, Thorne officially committed to Auburn and signed.

Later on Friday, the circus got a little crazier as a random report came out about Coleman planning a trip to Auburn which would have discredited the whole “he doesn’t want to play with Thorne” narrative. Keon shot down this report immediately on Twitter and the fanbase moved on.

And now we’re here. Likely heading into the 2023 season without Coleman which is going to hurt, but the receiver room has some guys who could step up in a big way. Plus, the transfer portal works both ways and I wouldn’t be shocked to see Mel Tucker land a quality receiver there.

What a wild, wild week it’s been.