Michigan State basketball: Joey Hauser hasn’t “100 percent shut door” on return

Never say never. That’s the mindset some Michigan State basketball fans currently have with the three seniors on the roster who all have the option to return in 2023-24.

Malik Hall, Tyson Walker, and Joey Hauser could all opt to return next season if they wanted to, but that’s a decision that none of them have currently made.

Hauser nearly decided to leave after last season and it took him weeks after the year concluded to decide. It felt like he had just been worn out by critical fans and falling short of personal expectations. But after speaking with Tom Izzo, he decided to return and it turns out that was the best decision he could have possibly made.

He went from a heavily-criticized role player to an All-Big Ten honorable mention performer, doubling his points per game average and increasing his rebounds by 1.7 per contest.

Suffice it to say, Hauser made the right choice.

Will he decide to give it one more run?

Hauser undecided on Michigan State basketball return

While Hauser is the most likely of the three seniors to depart, he reportedly has not “100 percent shut the door” on a potential return.

Let’s just dive into this for a second.

Hauser hasn’t “100 percent shut the door” on a return but plans on moving on after this year. This probably means that he’s likely gone, but won’t make that decision until after he talks with Izzo about his future. He’ll see if he could benefit from one final season.

While I put the chances of him returning next year at about five percent, I would love another season of Joey Hauser. Especially the one we’ve seen in 2022-23.

Michigan State will have a legit national title-caliber squad next season and a veteran like Hauser could take the Spartans to the promised land.

Wouldn’t that be a heck of a career arc.