Duke University Chapel plays Michigan State fight song throughout campus

Monday was a horrific day for the Michigan State community.

A senseless shooter went into the MSU Union and Berkey Hall and opened fire, taking the lives of three innocent students and sending five others to the hospital in critical condition.

Tuesday was a day for mourning in East Lansing and in college towns across the country as this could have happened anywhere. Other schools paid tribute to Michigan State and the University of Michigan is even holding a vigil on Wednesday night to honor the victims.

On Tuesday evening, Wisconsin held a moment of silence before the game against Michigan to honor the victims and think of those affected in East Lansing.

There’s been a wave of support from around the nation.

And it’s not just Big Ten schools.

Duke shows support for Michigan State in wake of tragedy

During the day on Tuesday, the Duke University Chapel played the Michigan State fight song and alma mater across campus. It was a really touching move.

Just watch:

It’s really cool to see a school show support like this to another that isn’t even in their same conference or really even the same part of the country. Duke deserves major props for this display of support and even though we hate this school every March when it comes to basketball, I think they just made fans for life by doing this.

Rivals have come out in support and programs across the country — such as Duke — have done really awesome things to show that they’re keeping Michigan State in their thoughts.

Now it’s time to rebuild as a community and come back stronger than ever.