Michigan State football: Indiana loss may force needed coaching changes

Believe it or not, Michigan State football’s loss to Indiana on Saturday may have some positive long-term effects.

I know that sounds crazy. If I read that, I’d have a ton of questions, too, but if you think about what this loss is going to cause, it may actually be a net positive.

This season is already a lost cause. Michigan State was playing to get into a bowl which may no longer happen, but are you really upset about potentially not making a low-tier postseason game? Yes, it could be extra practices for the young guys, but I’m not losing sleep over a 5-7 record as opposed to 6-6 in a season that was lost in Weeks 3 and 4.

But this loss to Indiana may force Mel Tucker’s hand when it comes to coaching changes.

If the Spartans hung on and made a bowl game with the win, Tucker would have the “I stuck with these coaches and we turned it around” excuse to keep them. Now, that’s no longer valid.

Michigan State football may now be forced to make changes

It would have been easy for Tucker to beat Indiana by a couple of scores like it looked like he was going to do and proclaim that he has complete faith in his coaching staff. His offense put up over 30 points and 500 yards and his defense was shutting down the passing attack all game.

But the run defense melted down in the second half and the offense stalled out.

On top of that, the special teams essentially ended any hopes Michigan State had of holding on for a win. Missing a field goal from inside the 10-yard line is just unacceptable. And then a poor snap in overtime leading to a blocked field goal was just as unacceptable. Ross Els also needs to be held accountable for Saturday’s disaster.

Changes have to be made after this debacle because you can’t progress as a program with coaches who hold you back. If Tucker wants to build a contender, this Indiana game had to have opened his eyes to the problems on his coaching staff.

The loss may have helped expedite the process.