Jim Harbaugh accidentally hints he hasn’t watched any Michigan State football film

Jim Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in the Big Ten but he may have let something slip in his pre-Michigan vs. Michigan State football rivalry presser that was probably meant to stay a secret.

Obviously each coach has a weekly press conference and both kind of alluded to the fact that this was a big week for both teams.

Mel Tucker spoke about Michigan’s good offensive line and elite run game and Harbaugh, well, he did the same about Michigan State, I guess?

Yes, the Michigan head coach raved about the MSU run game which makes very little sense.


Debunking the notion that Michigan State football “runs the ball very well”

Obviously he was just trying to give Michigan State some credit here where it’s usually good, but that has not been the case this year. He must have been thinking about the Kenneth Walker III-led rushing attack that burned him for five touchdowns and about 200 yards last year.

This season, however, the run game has been poor, to put it nicely.

Michigan State has had one of the worst rushing attacks in the Big Ten since the third week of the season when Washington held Jalen Berger and Jarek Broussard in check. In fact, the Spartans rank No. 116 in the nation in rushing yards per game with 106 while the passing attack ranks in the top half of the nation with over 240 yards per game through the air.

Clearly, Harbaugh hasn’t watched a lick of tape on Michigan State yet.

Jim, we welcome you to key in on our run game and allow the receivers to get open down the field. We know that won’t happen, but it’s pretty comical to hear that he doesn’t know much about how MSU’s offense has been this year.