Michigan State football: Keon Coleman, Payton Thorne connection is key

It’s hard to believe that Michigan State football had Keon Coleman sitting on the bench last season waiting for his opportunity. He has the size, athleticism, and confidence that would make him a No. 1 option in a number of offenses.

He had to be just that on Saturday for the first time in his career as the Spartans went into Seattle to face an upset-hungry Washington team without Jayden Reed.

Reed was just coming off a solid performance against Akron, but he fell victim to injury when he caught a pass on the sideline, and then slid into the corner of a bench, cutting his back. He missed the Washington game and Coleman did his best Reed impression, catching a career-high nine passes for 116 yards and two touchdowns.

This came as a bit of a surprise — a pleasant one — because Coleman and Payton Thorne hadn’t been on the same page much through the first two weeks.

The two were as connected as they’ve been all season in Week 3.

Michigan State football will thrive with Thorne-Coleman connection

With Reed likely coming back any day now, there’s going to be some pressure taken off Thorne and Coleman as they won’t need to be the carrying connection. It’s good to know that Thorne and Coleman are back on the same page, however, because that’ll mean he has three receivers he trusts and who he’s comfortable throwing the ball to at any time.

If Thorne and Coleman can remain on the same page throughout the rest of the season, the offense is going to be just fine. It’s the defense we have to worry about.

Think of it this way, Thorne and Coleman have had an up-and-down start to the season together and the latter still has 15 catches for 236 yards and three touchdowns. Now imagine what those numbers will look like when they’re consistently connecting.

Now if only Thorne and Germie Bernard can get it figured out.