Michigan State football: Final score predictions vs. Washington in Week 3

Saturday’s Washington vs. Michigan State football game will be one of the most intriguing matchups of Week 3 from around the nation and that might have something to do with a relatively vanilla schedule.

The Spartans will be on everyone’s radar on Saturday night as they travel to Husky Stadium to face the undefeated Huskies.

Will Michigan State do what it did to Miami in 2021 and drag Washington into the deep waters on the road?

Washington vs. Michigan State football staff score predictions

Here’s what our staff thinks will happen between the Spartans and the Huskies.

Connor Muldowney: Payton Thorne is going to have to figure things out sooner rather than later and get on the same page with his younger receivers and I think that happens against Washington. The run game, too, will be solid as Jalen Berger rushes for over 100 yards for the third straight game, and Jarek Broussard will play well against a familiar opponent and out-perform the 43 yards he put up against Washington last year. This game will be close throughout but the Spartans will pull off a clutch win in the end.

Prediction: Michigan State 34, Washington 27

Conner Linsner: Michigan State will go on the road to play the Washington Huskies this Saturday. Historically, Big Ten teams on the West Coast perform very poorly, so I’m very torn about this game.

In two games so far the Spartans have taken care of business, but there are still some questions that remain. Thorne still looks a bit sloppy, the defense has been pretty vanilla with the soft zones, and the offensive line has been solid but they should be against the weaker competition they went up against. Saturday will answer a lot of questions for the Spartans and for the Huskies.

One key stat to pay attention to, MSU is sixth in the nation in penalties. Six penalties for 51 yards. On the other hand, Washington is 102nd in the nation with 14 penalties accounting for 142 yards. Disciplined football will be key in this game and the Spartans have been fantastic at doing that. I think that will be the difference.

Michael Penix Jr. isn’t a full-on mobile quarterback, but MSU will have to limit the damage when he tries to scramble and they have to get home on the pass rush. If the Spartans play disciplined and make life tough for Penix I think they squeak out a win on the road.

Prediction: Michigan State 21, Washington 20

Emmett Matasovsky: I believe that the Spartans will win, but barely. Thorne has shown up for big games in the past, and he will this time. Thorne throws for a pair of touchdowns, one each to Bernard and Coleman. The killer Bs each get a touchdown. The battle in the trenches will be something to observe, as Jacoby Windmon ends with a pair of sacks. I get the feeling this game will be a lot like Miami last year, without it being put away in the fourth.

Prediction: Michigan State 28, Washington 24