Michigan State Basketball: The legacy of Adreian Payne will live on forever

Former Michigan State basketball star Adreian Payne passed away shockingly on Monday but he leaves behind an impressive legacy that will live on.

It almost doesn’t feel real still. Adreian Payne, former Michigan State basketball star, passed away at the age of 31 on Monday morning which came as an absolute shock to everyone.

One of his good friends and former pro teammates, Jared Sullinger, posted the news on social media which caused confusion and everyone was hoping and praying that the news wasn’t real, but it was later confirmed by Chris Solari and a number of other Michigan State reporters.

Payne played for Michigan State until 2013-14 when he broke out and was selected by the Atlanta Hawks in the first round of the 2014 NBA Draft.

While his playing days will always be remembered as he went from struggling early on in his career to superstar as a senior, Payne’s legacy will live on because of his off-court relationship with Lacey Holsworth, a young girl who was diagnosed with a form of cancer who the Spartan star befriended. Those two had a beautiful friendship that caught the attention of the national media and both of them embraced it.

Lacey passed away shortly after Payne’s Michigan State playing days were over which was devastating news to everyone, especially Adreian, but their story lived on.

Payne was always known for what he did for the young girl who really looked at him as her entire world and there was always a special place for her in his heart.

There are many things Payne can be remembered for after his tragic death, but his big heart has to top the list. Anyone who knew him had nothing but nice things to say about him and you can tell how loved he was and how big of an impact he had on people by seeing how many former teammates have come out and sang his praises.

Adriean Payne may be gone, but his legacy is going to live on.

The Michigan State family lost a good one.