Michigan State Basketball: Marcus Bingham on verge of record-breaking season

Marcus Bingham Jr. has finally found his footing in the green and white during his senior Michigan State basketball season.

Michigan State senior Marcus Bingham Jr. is on pace to cement himself in the record books. Through his first three years as a Spartan, Bingham has had to be a role player behind Xavier Tillman but now that he’s gaining momentum in the NBA, someone has had to step up.

The player who chose to rise to the occasion was none other than Marcus Bingham Jr. He has finally found his footing and is now averaging 9.7 points and 7.0 rebounds. These are not what will cement Bingham in the record books, though. That would be Bingham’s ability to block shots.

Bingham is averaging 2.5 blocks per game. He currently has 45 blocks and if he continues on this pace of 2.5 blocks per game with 12 games left in the regular season he will finish with 75 blocks. That would not put him over Jaren Jackson Jr.’s record of 106 blocks; it will put him in second in blocks in a single season.

Along with this, if the Spartans finish the season where they are currently in the Big Ten, that would give them a potential three extra games for Bingham to rack up his block numbers. He would also get the NCAA Tournament to inflate those numbers. If the Spartans make a run in March, which they are capable of doing, and they somehow make it to the title game, that would give Bingham another six games to add to his totals.

If Bingham and the Spartans were to get nine games in the postseason and Bingham keeps his average blocks per game at 2.5, he would get have a total of 98 blocks this season. This would nearly make Bingham the second Spartan to eclipse 100 blocks in a season. He would still have some work to do though if he wants to break Jaren Jackson’s record.

This is not the only record that Bingham could break in his senior campaign.

Bingham is on track to obliterate the career blocks record, which is currently held by Tillman with 153.

If Bingham keeps his average throughout the regular season, he would finish with 75 blocks this year. That would give him a total of 166 blocks in his career. That shatters the record of 153. This also does not count for the postseason games Bingham gets to play. It will for sure be two games one in the B1G tournament and one in March.

This could give him another five blocks to add to that total. If they get all nine postseason games and he keeps his average he could add another 22 blocks to that total. This would put him over 200 blocks in his career. Those are the kind of numbers that Bingham could hold the career blocks record for MSU for a long time coming.

Regardless of whether Bingham keeps these averages and breaks these records. He is having a huge senior season. He has stepped his game up and defended the paint incredibly. He has been one of the defensive anchors for this Spartan team.

Michigan State plays at Illinois on Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET. Tune in to ESPN to watch Bingham potentially add to his record-breaking season and continue on his defensive tear.