Michigan State Football: Should Spartans be worried about Nebraska?

When Nebraska lost to Illinois I thought the Michigan State football matchup would be a rout, but then the Cornhuskers’ offense and defense seemed to come together against Oklahoma.

Yes, they lost to a Sooner team that cannot play defense and is somehow at the time of writing this article still No. 3 in the nation. Nebraska was missing some key players in their first game against Illinois and with them back they seem to be gelling.

There is not a player on the defense that scares you, but what they have is a defense that can play well together. Their defense is the strength of Nebraska. The weakness is its offensive line. The MSU defense will have to get to Adrian Martinez, but they must be disciplined to keep him in the pocket and collapse it around him, otherwise, he can burn them with his feet.

Martinez is not known for his accuracy, but with his huge tight ends like Austin Allen at 6-foot-8 and Travis Vokolek at 6-foot-6, they could a matchup nightmare for the Spartans.

Nebraska, like Miami, can burn a defense with the big play. The Spartans will have to be careful, they may play the same style defense against Nebraska the way they did against Miami. The Cornhuskers know what is coming at them with Kenneth Walker III and Payton Thorne.

It will be a pick your poison for them on defense. I think Walker will have a big day and much like the Miami game, I believe this one will be decided in the fourth quarter. What do you think?

Prediction: MSU 31, Nebraska 24