Michigan State Basketball: Max Christie already has perfect mindset for early success

Being a freshman comes with plenty of new responsibilities and expectations. Being the No. 1 incoming shooting guard in the country just ramps those responsibilities and expectations up to an ungodly degree.

So imagine being Max Christie.

The reigning Illinois High School Gatorade Player of the Year was ranked the top shooting guard in the 2021 class as a five-star, was a McDonald’s All-American selection, and comes to Michigan State where there’s an immediate need for shooting guards.

You can bet expectations for a young prospect have rarely been this high in East Lansing.

And sometimes that can cause a young prospect to crumble under immense pressure. Not only do they have to adjust to the new speed of college basketball, but also tackle a prominent role on a national title-caliber roster — at least some fortunate freshmen do.

Christie, however, already has a great mindset and it seems like he’s wise beyond his years as a true freshman.

In a recent interview with 247Sports‘ Stephen Brooks, Christie talked about adjusting to life at the college level and managing everyone’s expectations.

As you can imagine, his answers were fantastic, but one really stood out to me.

“And just to have fun. We’re in college, I’m 18 years old, I have no reason to really be stressed about what other people think about me and how I really play basketball.”

That’s exactly the mindset Tom Izzo probably hopes all of his freshmen can have, but Christie exudes confidence while also not feeling immense pressure.

He’s here to have fun.

Christie talks like a future Michigan State basketball captain

I’m not sure if Max Christie will stay more than one season in East Lansing, but let’s say he returns for a sophomore campaign. There’s a good chance he’ll be a captain in his second season.

If he’s already talking like a vet and saying that he has no need to be stressed about what other people think, just imagine how great of a role model he’s going to be when the next batch of freshmen get to campus.

Looking for a true freshman who will have immediate success this season? Christie has the talent and the mindset already so don’t be shocked if he’s a Freshman of the Year candidate.