Michigan State Basketball: 3 takeaways from frustrating Purdue loss

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Michigan State Spartans
Purdue Boilermakers

Another game, another loss. Michigan State basketball has to be running out of excuses for underperforming at this point in the season.

The final two minutes of action perfectly summed up Michigan State’s season. The Spartans got within striking distance and could have made it a one-possession game, but two huge unforced turnovers by Joey Hauser and a foul led to a 10-point loss, 75-65.

Michigan State had chances but self-inflicted wounds made the difference.

Turnovers, missed shots and not being able to defend without fouling led to another loss to Purdue and the Mackey Arena woes continued, even without fans.

What did we learn from the Spartans’ latest frustrating loss?

3. MSU just couldn’t take that lead

For a while in the second half, it looked like Michigan State was going to rise up and swipe the lead from Purdue. The Spartans made some runs and came within a point or even tie it, but they just couldn’t come up with a good possession when they were in that situation.

It was poor offense and a lot of guys standing around while someone dribbles and takes a shot close to the end of the shot clock. It wasn’t pretty.

But this has been the theme all season long. Michigan State’s 4-5 point deficits in the second half felt more like 10-15 points. It’s been a while since a deficit so slim has felt so large with Michigan State basketball but that’s how poor this offense has been and no one can seem to step up.

Michigan State couldn’t defend without fouling, the offense made a ton of mistakes late and there was no one stepping up. The themes of the season continued.

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