Michigan State Basketball: Simple issues are causing Spartans’ demise

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Michigan State basketball just suffered its worst home loss in Tom Izzo’s career. What led this team to the point of complete deflation?

Michigan State basketball is having the most frustrating hoops year since Tom Izzo has been at the helm in East Lansing. The team itself isn’t showing any heart and looks like they don’t want to win. This is the second game of the season where a player has literally walked off of the court before the game finished without an injury. Granted, both of these guys were “feeling sick”, but weren’t we all after that performance?

Seriously, in the entirety of my life, I have never seen such a weak-willed, uninspired, sad team as I have this year. For the first time that I can remember, I have turned off multiple games this season with over 10 minutes left in the second half. This basketball team is ruining my day every time they play a team with a pulse.

But the losses themselves aren’t the most frustrating part, it’s the way this team is losing. Guys who were supposed to step up this season somehow became bad at basketball over the course of a few months. Guys who were supposed to be not very good are still not very good. Outside of Aaron Henry and Marcus Bingham, every player on this team seems to have digressed.

And part of the issue isn’t even the players themselves, it’s the way that they’re being used by Izzo. We see guys who are clearly detrimental to this teams success getting way too many minutes and guys who are making an impact out on the court losing time for no apparent reason.

This team has serious issues all over the place, but it starts with Izzo’s gameplan.

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