Recapping Michigan State Athletics’ fantastic four-day stretch

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Michigan State athletics put together one of the best four-day stretches in program history. Let’s take a look back at what took place.

Michigan State just wrapped up an incredible four-day stretch which began with Mel Tucker’s troops upsetting eighth-ranked Northwestern. That was followed by their basketball squad defeating both Notre Dame and Duke (the Blue Devils are the number six team in the country).

In recent years, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more impressive and productive span in such a tight window. Michigan State hasn’t held basketball and football games on campus on the same day in nearly two decades (2001 was the last occurrence of this sort in East Lansing).

This past weekend was truly special and demonstrates how much potential and promise the football team has under the new coaching regime and is a reminder of how efficient and mighty the basketball team remains under the dependable guidance of Coach Izzo.

Considering the fact that both the college football and basketball seasons were in jeopardy due to the global pandemic, it’s been a treat seeing both programs not only compete, but also show the ability to win marquee games. Spartan fans seeing their teams flourish is a much-needed, refreshing, and pleasant distraction in what has been a turbulent 2020.

For many of us, turning on the television (retreating to our sports cave sanctuaries) and seeing MSU perform well is soothing for the soul and brings us a tremendous amount of satisfaction. The triumphs on the football fields and basketball courts have also given the MSU fan base a lot to look forward to in the months and years to come.

If Michigan State’s football season ended today, it would unquestionably have to be categorized as a success. Beating their primary rivals and a top-10 opponent chasing a CFP birth in a single season is a fantastic feat no matter how you slice it.

Regardless of how poorly Michigan is playing, it still holds a ton of weight to prevail against the Wolverines. A victory vs. a previously undefeated Northwestern club exhibited MSU’s capability, resolve, and grit. The Wildcats have wins to their name against Iowa and Wisconsin (both the Hawkeyes and Badgers are ranked in the top-twenty nationally) which indicates their strength as a unit making this latest victory noteworthy for MSU.

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