Michigan State Football: Final score predictions vs. Ohio State in Week 14

Elijah Collins, Michigan State football (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
Elijah Collins, Michigan State football (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images) /

Saturday’s game against Ohio State will be telling for Michigan State football. Will the Spartans shock the Buckeyes in East Lansing?

Mel Tucker has had quite the first season in East Lansing. After accepting the job in February after National Signing Day, a pandemic hit, forcing him to cancel spring ball and face-to-face recruiting.

Fast forward about five months and the Big Ten cancelled its 2020 season. Well, postponed, I suppose. The Big Ten wanted to play a season in the spring. That didn’t quite happen as the league’s teams pressured Kevin Warren into getting a season done in the fall and it did just that, beginning in late-October.

Michigan State wasn’t expected to do much without spring ball or much of a preseason, but the Spartans have two top-15 wins over Michigan and Northwestern.

But the losses have been bad.

Will Ohio State be another bad loss for the Spartans or will Michigan State pick up another top-15 win? Our Spartan Avenue staff weighs in.

Connor Muldowney: Every week, I don’t know what to expect from this team but for once, I’m feeling pretty confident that I know who wins. Ohio State is just too talented and too deep for Michigan State here. The Spartans may be on the rise as an up-and-coming program, but this one could get ugly in East Lansing. Justin Fields will have himself a day against an otherwise strong defense but it’ll be the Spartan offense that truly disappears.

Final Score: Ohio State 42, Michigan State 13

Stephen Robb: I’m going to keep my streak alive at picking against the Spartans because every time I do they seem to pull something off. But it does seem like MSU is understanding the new defense and the line is getting coached up. It is possible that the Spartans could pull off the ultimate upset. However the X-factor for the game is Rocky Lombardi. You cannot make mistakes against OSU.

Final Score: Ohio State 31, Michigan State 27

Jack Williams: Ohio State is better than Michigan State. Ohio State’s backups are better than Michigan State. The Spartans could play the Buckeyes’ third string roster and they’d still lose. Don’t expect anything in this game, because there is almost a zero percent chance that we come out of this game with a victory. Ohio state should be insulted that they’re only 24-point favorites, because they will curb stomp us.

Final Score: Ohio State 45, Michigan State 10

Carter Landis: I don’t see MSU beating this Ohio State team, even after an upset of Northwestern. If we can see them keep it close, it’ll give us a sense of excitement for what Mel Tucker can do going forward.

Final Score: Ohio State 37, Michigan State 13

Conner Linsner: Ohio State has Justin Fields, the most talented player the conference. The Buckeyes will be without Ryan Day and some player due to COVID-19 guidelines. It won’t matter too much, though, even the two-deep for Ohio State is super talented. Rocky Lombardi will be put in an uncomfortable situation by the OSU defense leading to some turnovers. Buckeyes stay in the College Football Playoff race.

Final Score: Ohio State 42, Michigan State 10

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