Michigan State Football: Staff score predictions vs. Michigan in Week 9

Raequan Williams with Paul Bunyan Trophy, Michigan State football (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Raequan Williams with Paul Bunyan Trophy, Michigan State football (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /

It might not be pretty this weekend, but our writers are still going to tough it out and predict the Michigan vs. Michigan State football game.

No, Michigan State doesn’t get a do-over against Rutgers in this second game of the season but rather the Spartans must face a tough Michigan team in Ann Arbor for the second straight season.

Last year, Michigan State scored first against the Wolverines, shocking just about everyone but then it was all Wolverines. Michigan went on a 44-3 run to end the game, shellacking the green and white and sending them home with their tails between their legs.

Mel Tucker is now in charge and he’s hoping for a different result than in Mark Dantonio’s last matchup with the Wolverines.

What does our Spartan Avenue staff think about the Spartans’ chances?

Connor Muldowney: This game will be closer than expected — until halftime. Michigan State will be within just seven at the break, holding Michigan to just 17 points, but it will be all Wolverines in the second half. I think we see all three quarterbacks in this one to try and find the hot hand as the Spartans will be smacked for the second straight season by the Wolverines in Ann Arbor.

Final Score: Michigan State 13, Michigan 38

Jack Williams: Coming off of the worst loss that I’ve experienced as a fan, Michigan State will go into their game against the Wolverines with nothing to lose. That being said, they won’t have much of a chance from start to finish in a game that will lean on the offense to stay competitive. Despite a stagnant offensive line and seven turnovers, MSU scored 27 points in Mel Tucker’s debut. They’ll match that total in a game that never really feels within reach.

Final Score: Michigan State 27, Michigan 45

Carter Landis: Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to go with Michigan. I have been trying to be as positive as I can about this game, but after last week, there wasn’t much to be positive about. There is still potential with this team, but it’s gonna take a while. Michigan looks dang good.

Final Score: Michigan State 17, Michigan 30

Stephen Robb: MSU has some adjustments to make before Saturday’s game. Michigan looked good last week against Minnesota. MSU had a meltdown against Rutgers. These early weeks it’s not fair to judge Coach Tucker. I do believe the Spartans will try to spread them out more and do a run via a short pass. They need to do their best to neutralize this really good Wolverine defense. Spartans get some late scores. MSU is rebuilding and going through growing pains of young team.

Final Score Michigan State 17, Michigan 45

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