Michigan State Football: 3 hot takes from disappointing Rutgers loss

Mel Tucker, Michigan State football Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
Mel Tucker, Michigan State football Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /
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1. Any takes on Mel Tucker’s coaching ability are invalid

The hot takes on Mel Tucker’s coaching abilities after just 60 minutes have been awful. I’ve seen everything from “this man can’t coach” to “he’s not the right guy for the job” to even “fire Tucker” on social media and sadly, some of these were serious statements.

I’ve even seen people say they missed Mark Dantonio.

Let me just say this: give this man some time to prove himself. If everyone was judged after 60 minutes of performance in a brand new job with a number of limitations and in a poor situation, no one would be able to keep that position. Let’s say you were given a promotion and you struggled on your first day and everyone was like “well, they don’t belong here, get rid of them” would that make much sense to you?

No, you get time to prove that the poor performance isn’t the norm, you show progression and if this is the same after months (in coaching timeframes, a year) then people can talk about job security.

Tucker has coached one game in East Lansing with arguably the worst roster in over a decade and a lack of experience just about everywhere. And his team still almost won with seven turnovers.

Turnovers are correctable. He could easily be 1-0 right now and no one would be slandering his name, but because his guys didn’t hold onto the ball, he’s being crucified.

Give Tucker time to prove himself. No one knows how good or bad of a coach he is. Yes, I’m looking at you, random Michigan fan who met him one time and claims he knows he’s going to be a failure based on that interaction.

No one knows.

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