Michigan State Football: What’s the main reason for optimism in 2020?

Mel Tucker, Michigan State football (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Mel Tucker, Michigan State football (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

The Big Ten released its schedule and there is reason for optimism for Michigan State football. What will the Spartans’ record be?

The previous schedule Michigan State was rough however the new schedule given has some bright spots. MSU opens with Rutgers and it is the best thing that could have happened. For a team trying to figure itself out, they were given a gift from the Big Ten. True, there is no guarantee in football, however, at least it was not Ohio State Week 1 like Nebraska received.

Week 2 features the rivalry with Michigan. This is also a break. MSU gets a crack at a new Michigan defense and offense. It was a head-scratcher to learn the news that Tarik Black had transferred to Texas. Losing a weapon like Black as well as Nico Collins (opt out) will only make it harder for this new Michigan offense to establish itself.

However, if you believe message boards and social media then new quarterback Joe Milton is resurrection of some of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. MSU has a chance early on with this schedule. Otherwise, catching Michigan later in the year would be a repeat of last year.

Another reason for optimism, is new coach Mel Tucker. He brings a swagger that has not been in East Lansing since 2015. He also brings a varied coaching background. He has worked all different levels of football. Plus the stories of him getting no sleep or sleeping in the facility during his Nick Saban days at MSU reveal the level of dedication he has.

While Naquan Jones may disagree about 4-4 being a good record in Tucker’s first year, it’s hard to write how good this team could be. They have had many challenges. I’m looking forward to watching the new regime only because I am still haunted by the 2018 Red Box Bowl.

How good do you think this team could be?

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