Michigan State Football: Tre’Von Morgan now tallest player on roster

Michigan State football mascot Sparty (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Michigan State football mascot Sparty (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

If Michigan State football is looking for a non-tight end red zone target this season, it may just have to be Tre’Von Morgan.

Scoring touchdowns in the red zone has been an area of weakness for Michigan State over the past few seasons and while some might blame the coaching staff alone, there just haven’t been a ton of big-bodied threats in that area of the field.

Felton Davis III was the last true red zone threat and Cody White had flashes of that as well as Darrell Stewart Jr., but no one has been a jump-ball specialist since the former.

Tight ends like Matt Dotson and Trenton Gillison could be that red zone threat that the team needs in 2020 with a new quarterback under center, but don’t count out some receivers such as Tre Mosley or a name that hasn’t been mentioned nearly enough: Tre’Von Morgan.

The redshirt freshman from Ohio came to Michigan State as a bid-bodied three-star receiver and was expected to be a threat right away in a receiving corps that needed some depth. He suffered an injury early in 2019 and never got to see the field. His potentially-promising true freshman season was wiped out.

Now that he’s back and healthy, Morgan looks like a guy who could be a menace not only as a possession receiver, but inside the 20-yard line.

As of Monday’s official roster release, Morgan is tied for the No. 1 spot on the team in terms of tallest players. He stands 6-foot-7 along with Adam Berghorst, Jack Henrichs and AJ Arcuri.

For a team that has lost White, Stewart Jr. and Matt Seybert, returning a healthy 6-7, 230-pound receiver is going to do wonders for this offense, especially in the red zone.

The ability to throw a ball up to the end zone knowing that your guy is the biggest on the field is going to be a comforting feeling for a brand new starting quarterback.

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