Michigan State Football: Rutgers commit guarantees he’ll ‘never’ lose to Spartans

Elijah Collins, Michigan State football (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images)
Elijah Collins, Michigan State football (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images) /

A three-star Rutgers receiver commit guaranteed on Twitter that his Scarlet Knights will ‘never’ lose to Michigan State football.

Carnell Davis is making a name for himself, but he’s putting a lot on the line to make that happen.

We all know young recruits are often excited about college ball and can say things that can get them into trouble down the line. Promises are often made by these teenage recruits and that can lead to some disappointments.

Davis may soon find out just how disappointing his latest promise could be.

The three-star Rutgers recruit apparently had it with Michigan State on Saturday evening after four-star offensive lineman Geno VanDeMark committed to the Spartans, spurning the home-state Scarlet Knights. He took to Twitter to make an interesting promise: his Rutgers teams will never lose to the Spartans.

We get it, Carnell, you’re mad that Geno left the state of New Jersey for a Midwest program that usually doesn’t reel in those types of kids. You’re mad that Rutgers is going to take a longer time to rebuild than you probably hopes, even in recruiting, but Greg Schiano is a great coach and he’ll turn things around eventually.

But even if that does happen soon, guaranteeing 4-5 straight wins over a program that has never lost to Rutgers since it joined the Big Ten is a little ridiculous.

Kids really do say the darndest things.

Rutgers fans came out in droves to knock Michigan State and the program, trashing what Mark Dantonio built and calling Mel Tucker a “used car salesman”. An interesting flurry of insults coming from a program that has struggled to reach three wins over the past few years.

Davis doesn’t get to campus until 2021, so we’ll start the clock then and if he holds true to that promise, he’ll be a legend. If he doesn’t, well, it’ll be what we all expected.

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