Michigan State basketball: Michigan was too “soft” for Cassius Winston

Cassius Winston, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Cassius Winston, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

Cassius Winston’s reason for choosing Michigan State basketball and Tom Izzo over Michigan is not going to make Wolverines fans happy.

Back when Cassius Winston was going through the recruiting process, he was drawing some major interest from both in-state schools, as well as some highly-touted educational institutions, such as Harvard.

When it came time to decide, though, he had to think about where he saw himself five years down the line. Would he be pursuing a career off the court first or would he be looking the NBA in the face? The latter was his and his family’s decision and when it was all said and done, Michigan State was the perfect fit.

It wasn’t the easiest choice all along, however. The Wolverines and John Beilein made a strong push for Cassius and Michigan was the runner-up to the Spartans.

What was the deciding factor in Winston’s decision to come to Michigan State? His answer just proves why he’s a fan favorite and further solidifies himself as an all-time great in East Lansing.

Just listen:

OK, Michigan fans, before you get upset about that quote, you have to realize that different players like to be coached in different ways. Under Beilein, it was clear he was a ra-ra guy who was more of a friend than coach at times. He was a world class person and it translated to success, but Cassius wanted to be treated differently.

Some players respond better to criticism and “tough love” coaching while others want things sugarcoated. That’s what I got out of the quote, but it’s still an all-time statement.

Even though he might be moving on and graduated, Cassius is still taking jabs at his rival. After a rough start to his career versus Michigan, he finished strong and won four of his final five battles with the Wolverines as well as three Big Ten titles.

Cassius has earned the right to talk a little smack.

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