Michigan State Basketball: Building Tom Izzo’s perfect Spartan basketball player

Cassius Winston, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
Cassius Winston, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /
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Michigan State basketball has had some near-perfect players, but what would the perfect player look like in the green and white?

As I was laying in bed the other day, I stumbled across an article where Tom Izzo built his dream player. And while the old man definitely had some good picks, I had one thought in the back of my mind: I can do better.

Sure, he’s one of the most accomplished coaches in the game. Yes, he’s been to eight Final Fours. But unrealistic player builds are one thing that I am more experienced in than probably any coach in the game.

Does anybody know more about things that will never happen in sports than a blogger, and even more specifically, a FanSided blogger? That’s right Tom, this time you’ll be taking a back seat to 5-foot-11, 180-pound sports writer Jack Williams.

To clarify, my perfect player build will be entirely based on past Michigan State players. I’ll essentially be combining traits from the best players of the Izzo era to make the best possible Spartan.

The categories I’ll be selecting from will be completely arbitrary. I’ll essentially be making them up as I go and they might not even add up to a full player. In fact, this player would probably make no sense and be something like LeBron James with better shooting. This list is as opinion based as you’re gonna find and to enjoy it properly, just kick back and don’t take it too seriously.

That being said, here the player I built from past Tom Izzo stars.