Michigan State Football: Don’t count Rocky Lombardi out as QB1 option

Could Rocky Lombardi become the next Michigan State football quarterback? He has the experience, but he has plenty to work on.

I have read the posts on social media and I can even almost make out the groans from fans as they read this article’s headline. There is much talk about sophomore Theo Day or freshman Peyton Thorne seizing the starting signal-caller nod from Mel Tucker, but what about Rocky Lombardi?

Before you resist the idea, think about this: the last time we saw him was against Rutgers. He had no running game, the Spartans’ offensive line was shaky and he was missing a go-to receiver. Now how can any quarterback let alone a redshirt freshman (at the time) do anything?

Lombardi admitted later that he was not as familiar with the playbook at the time. One could make the argument that he was not put in a position to succeed.

It would be a tough situation for any quarterback.

Tucker likes athletic quarterbacks and he knows how to use his playmakers. Rocky has a strong arm, can run well and with the tutelage of new offensive coordinator Jay Johnson, it’s possible he can stake a clam at the helm. He already has the leadership skills needed.

Lombardi may or not ever grab the starting spot; however, he does deserve a fair chance from fans. The Mark Dantonio era is over and I’m optimistic and hopeful that Tucker can turn it around. It will take time and having an experienced quarterback will help in those intense, must-win games.

Don’t count Lombardi out as the next QB1 of Michigan State football.