Reliving the 4 times Michigan State football upset top-ranked Ohio State

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In Ohio State’s long history, not many teams have found success against them. One team that has though, is Michigan State football.

In Ohio State’s storied history, you’d be far fetched to find many teams that they have struggled against. So when looking for teams that fit that criteria, you must first change the definition a little bit. In this example, we’ll give Michigan State the title of Ohio State’s “kryptonite” for the sheer amount of seasons that they’ve derailed for the team hailing out of Columbus.

They’ve been nothing close to consistent against this team, losing by an average of almost 30 points in the last three matchups, but before the recent fall of this program, it was looking like a great rivalry. Former Buckeye head coach Urban Meyer has stated that Mark Dantonio was the toughest Big Ten coach that he came up against.

The Buckeyes have won eight championships in their history – a number that many coaches and analysts think will increase in the next few seasons under new head coach Ryan Day. Year in and year out, OSU finds themselves atop the AP Poll and College Football Playoff rankings, regardless of play-style and other circumstances.

But for a few years, these dominant coaches and players would cower at the sight of one team: Michigan State. Well, maybe they wouldn’t cower, but they definitely prepared double against the green and white. With just 15 wins to 33 losses, we look into how the Spartans incited this fear into their rival team in Ohio State.

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