Michigan State Basketball: Could Spartans realistically land 5-player class in 2021?

Tom Izzo, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Tom Izzo, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

After staying in contact with James Graham, is it clear that Tom Izzo is preparing for a five-man class in 2021 for Michigan State basketball?

Landing a commitment from Max Christie last week was a pleasant mid-summer surprise and it came just one week after Emoni Bates committed and a few months after Pierre Brooks.

While Bates is still technically part of the 2022 class, there’s a good chance he could reclassify and become a member of the 2021 group. If that’s the case, Michigan State has a really good three-man start with two five-stars and top-15 players along with the No. 1 player from the state of Michigan — well, No. 2 if Bates reclassifies.

But Tom Izzo isn’t done yet.

Jaden Akins is still left on the board, but there’s been some talk about Jeremy Sochan (who went back to Europe to finish high school but wants to play college ball in the U.S.) and James Graham. Heck, even Enoch Boakye has been a rumored reclassification prospect.

No one even considered a five-man class for 2021, but it’s looking entirely possible, especially after Izzo set up a virtual meeting with Graham on Monday.

Graham is ranked the No. 151 overall composite player in the class, but 247Sports is much higher on him, listing him as a four-star and the No. 56 player in the nation. He’s been one of the fastest risers this offseason. He could join an incredibly 2021 class.

Right now, a five-man class is not out of the question and it seems as if Izzo is planning for it.

What has to happen for there to be room for five-man class

Right now, Xavier Tillman and Aaron Henry are gone after 2020-21 — most likely for the latter after — and that leaves two open spots. If Henry comes back and Emoni reclassifies, that means Michigan State’s three-man class is one over the scholarship limit. That would force someone to transfer, but let’s not speculate that.

In order for there to be room, Henry has to stay in the draft after 2020-21 and two other guys need to either enter the NBA draft (if Karim Mane commits, he’s likely a one-and-done, so that’s not a worry) or transfer.

Guys like Joey Hauser, Mady Sissoko and Rocket Watts could all decide to leave after next season depending on how much their stocks rise. If two of those guys leave early along with Henry, Michigan State could have a room for an eye-opening five-man class which could end up being the best in the Izzo era.

Izzo isn’t done recruiting 2021 yet, folks. Not even close.

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