Michigan State Basketball: Predicting next commit after Emoni Bates

Tom Izzo, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Tom Izzo, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

Emoni Bates shocked the nation when he committed to Tom Izzo and Michigan State basketball on Monday. Who will be the next pledge?

The commitment heard ’round the world happened about five days ago and it still doesn’t feel completely real to a lot of Michigan State fans.

Emoni Bates committed on Monday to the green and white, stating that he didn’t know what the future may hold, but he wanted to show loyalty to Tom Izzo because that’s what he’d been showing the young star since he was in middle school.

Right after his commitment, live on ESPN, there were rumors of another top recruit getting ready to verbally pledge to the Spartans.

So who could it be?

There are still some top players on the board for the Spartans in 2021 and even one in 2020. There’s been talk about Jaden Akins, Max Christie and Karim Mane, so who will be next?

No one really knew when or who the next pledge would be.

Then there was this tweet that seemed to pick up steam and was backed by the rumor mill all over social media and on the message boards:

It’s time to make some predictions.

Who will be Michigan State basketball’s next commit?

I believe Mane, Akins and Christie will all be Spartans, but who do I believe the July 7 pledge it? I’m going to have to go with Christie.

There’s been plenty of smoke regarding Christie over the past couple of weeks for there not to be fire. He’s been trending toward the green and white for some time now and it just seems right that he’d join the class to ensure he still has a spot in 2021.

Michigan State could very well have to account for Emoni reclassifying to 2021 and if that’s the case, it would have to hope someone like Aaron Henry declares (assuming he’s back for 2020-21) for next year’s draft and stays in. If that happens, it’ll allow the Spartans to go after Akins without worrying about scholarship count (they’ll do so regardless and worry about numbers later).

If there is a commitment on July 7, your best bet has to be Christie or Akins, but I’m going with the former.

Two five-stars and top-15 players in two weeks? That would be one heck of a mid-summer haul for Izzo.

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