Max Christie to Michigan State basketball rumors have serious legs

Tom Izzo and Malik Hall, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
Tom Izzo and Malik Hall, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /

What started as just minor smoke about Max Christie trending toward Michigan State basketball seems to have serious legs.

A few weeks ago, we touched on the fact that Max Christie to Michigan State was gaining some serious stream. The Spartans had momentum in his recruitment, and that hasn’t changed.

Actually, those rumors seem to be ramping up and becoming more concrete. There’s nothing set in stone, but recruiting insiders seem to be getting word that Michigan State is in a really good spot for Christie.

This one tweet from Rivals‘ insider Justin Thind basically summed up the rumors which now have serious legs.

While there’s a belief that this could be about Jaden Akins (Eric Bossi believes he’s a lock to MSU), the talk on Tuesday afternoon was Christie. He just made sense and he could be feeling the pressure to commit soon with Emoni Bates potentially taking one of the vacant spots in the Spartans’ 2021 class — assuming he reclassifies.

Different sources were echoing the same sentiments about Christie’s trend toward the Spartans.

Obviously, nothing is set in stone and we may not hear anything about Christie this week or next week or even this month, but the five-star recruit, ranked No. 13 in the country, who was once considered a lock to Duke now seems like Michigan State’s to lose.

Tom Izzo has been putting in some serious work in the 2021 class.

Just imagine an incoming freshman class of Christie, Bates, Akins and Pierre Brooks. That surely rivals the 2016 class with Miles Bridges, Cassius Winston, Josh Langford and Nick Ward as Izzo’s best recruiting class as Michigan State’s head coach.

If you’re wondering who the second part of Thind’s tweet is about, there’s talk that it could be Karim Mane.

Clearly it’s a good time to be a Michigan State basketball fan.

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