Michigan State Basketball: 3 reasons Emoni Bates will play college ball

Tom Izzo, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Tom Izzo, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Michigan State basketball
Tom Izzo, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /

3. Many believe he’s going to reclassify

There’s significant smoke regarding Emoni Bates’ potential reclassification including the fact that his father said that it’s still on the table and his son would be open to the idea.

Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated even reported on Monday after his commitment to Michigan State that Emoni was going to reclassify to 2021.

"Bates, who just finished his sophomore year at Lincoln, will reclassify and graduate in 2021, a year ahead of schedule."

That may have been a typo, it may not be, but it hasn’t been removed from the original article and the quotes from his interview with Emoni and his father seem to back up that notion. If that’s the case, it’s almost a forgone conclusion that he suits up for Michigan State, coming in with the 2021 class.

Also, the Spartans’ lone 2021 commit, Pierre Brooks, posted this on Instagram, making it seem like both he and Emoni may be headed to East Lansing for the 2021-22 season.

This could mean something, it could mean nothing, but the hope for reclassification has been strengthened over the past couple of days.