Michigan State Basketball: Josh Langford still has silky smooth jumper (Video)

Josh Langford, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Josh Langford, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

On his Instagram, Josh Langford admitted he’s coming back to Michigan State basketball for another year, and then a video of his jumper surfaced.

It’s been quite the year. It all started with the threat of a World War 3, then there was COVID-19 hitting the globe and cancelling sports as we knew them and then the murder hornets, riots in the streets and baseball finally coming back after controversial negotiations.

And then the craziest year of many of our lifetimes gave Michigan State Josh Langford back.

After injuring his foot in 2018-19 midway through the year, he missed the remainder of his junior season and then was ruled out for the entirety of 2019-20 because the injury never fully healed. There was chatter that he might decide to return for one more season, utilizing a redshirt for his senior year, but it seemed like a long-shot. It looked as if he was ready to move on.

Fast forward a few months and we’re in the latter stages of June with Langford back on campus and admitting on Instagram live that he would be returning for one final season.

And then Aaron Henry posted a video of Langford’s jumper and folks, it’s still silky smooth.

It’s good to see Langford back on the court without any type of crutches or hinderance and it’s clear that he hasn’t lost his shooting touch. Sure, it’s only a video of one shot, but it’s as silky smooth as I can remember.

Just seeing him get shots up on camera for the first time in years is a welcomed sight.

What will be Langford’s new role?

Before he was injured the first time, Langford was in the midst of a career year, averaging 15 points per game as a junior. He was a legit scoring threat and his confidence was growing.

Now that he’s been out for a year and a half, it’s time to really ask what his role will be. Will he be a 25-30 minute guy who starts and averages 15-plus points or will he be a role player who comes in and contributes a few baskets here and there while being one of the best leaders on the team?

Honestly, it’s tough to say which right now because we don’t know how healthy he’ll be. If he’s anywhere close to where he was before the injury, he’ll be a top-notch scorer and critical piece of the team. He already has the best jump shot on the roster, so if he can get some explosiveness back, he’ll be utilized heavily. If he’s just not fully back, he’ll likely be a 10-15 minute guy like a Kyle Ahrens.

Either way, it’s good to have a captain and leader back on the roster for another season and if Xavier Tillman returns, too, this team will have two of the best veterans on and off the court in the country.

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