Which football positions would Michigan State basketball players line up at?

Rocket Watts, Michigan State basketball (Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images)
Rocket Watts, Michigan State basketball (Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images) /
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As we reach the dead period in sports, it’s time to have fun and look at which positions Michigan State basketball players would play on the football team.

This post is another one that probably only happens when we haven’t watched any sports in a few months. None of this really matters, but at least it’ll keep you entertained for five or six minutes.

When it comes to college football and college basketball, there can be a lot of overlap for certain players. Some guys enjoyed one sport more than the other, but stopped pursuing it because of a talent gap. Some end up playing both sports in college. Just look at Kyler Murray, the most recent example of this in college sports. He was a top pick in the MLB draft, and then a year later, in the NFL draft.

And while you see a lot of quarterbacks play as two-sport athletes between football and baseball, most other positions are football-basketball guys. Take a look at our star player Rocket Watts. He actually earned his nickname “Rocket” from what he was able to do on the football field. We even have Elijah Collins on the football team, who actually played high school basketball with Cassius Winston.

And while guys like Rocket will be given a position based on their actual football careers, guys like Marcus Bingham and Gabe Brown will probably be given whatever position will allow them to go three plays without an injury.

Looking back, this was way too goofy of a list to do any actual research for, so if I missed a guy who played football in his younger days, I apologize.