Michigan State Football: Optimism grows for 2020 season kicking off as planned

Spartan Stadium, Michigan State football (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Spartan Stadium, Michigan State football (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Michigan State football’s 2020 season could very well kick off on time if everything goes as planned. Optimism is growing within the program.

When you look at how to judge the optimism levels for college football returning in the fall, athletic directors’ opinions seem to hold the most weight.

For Michigan State, Bill Beekman has been relatively reserved in his opinions on the upcoming season, but in a recent interview with Justin Thind of SpartanMag.com, he revealed that he had been already contemplating what a normally-planned season would be — with fans.

"“We are working on models that would accommodate spectators with required physical distancing,” Beekman said. “We’re also working on other measures to ensure the health and safety of spectators, assuming we are able to have them.”"

Beekman went as far as saying that it’s tough to speculate on the actual return of college football this fall, but if it is back as planned, he’ll prioritize students and season ticket holders ahead of general admission, assuming there’s a capacity percentage limit.

What this means for Michigan State football

While this doesn’t seem like groundbreaking news, it shows that Michigan State is open to the idea of having a season and even incorporating fans in some capacity. Some university presidents and athletic directors have already spoken out about the desire to keep fans away and the uncertainty of the season.

In this interview, Beekman provided hope and with the way everything is going with the NCAA allowing student athletes to return to campus in mid-June, it looks like the season will take place, after all.

In the event that the season does return, Michigan State is ready for whatever obstacles that are thrown its way.

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