Michigan State Basketball: What are chances ‘Big 3’ all return in 2020-21?

Aaron Henry and Xavier Tillman, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Aaron Henry and Xavier Tillman, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

Michigan State basketball could see a mass return of top players for the 2020-21 season but what are the realistic chances of that?

A few weeks ago, Aaron Henry made the decision right at the wire to declare for the NBA draft and that meant he was the second Spartan to declare early, joining Xavier Tillman.

Word on the street around the time of his declaration was that he was just going to get word from teams and come back. Then he hired an NCAA-approved agent which showed just how serious he was about his pro future starting in 2020-21.

Tillman, on the other hand, seemed like a lock to remain in the draft but he, too, kept his collegiate eligibility throughout the process.

Langford setting of Michigan State basketball domino effect?

It seemed as if Michigan State would have a few open spots on the roster for 2020-21, but Tom Izzo was hesitant to go after grad transfers even though the Spartans were named on some finalist lists. Turns out he made the right decision as Josh Langford revealed he wants to return for a final season after suffering two season-ending injuries in back-to-back years. The former five-star is a captain and elite scorer.

And then word came out from an Izzo interview that he believes Tillman and Henry will both benefit from another year in college. He said both will be good pros, but another year will improve their stock and he’s not wrong.

Tillman himself said that he has seen himself in some NBA mocks as a first-rounder but that doesn’t weigh as much on his mind as what teams are telling him. That’s a refreshing quote because he could be hearing that he’s a fringe-first round guy at best and it might be beneficial to return and work on a jumper and a post game.

Henry likely knows he’s good enough to play in the NBA but might not be drafted in 2020 if he leaves this early. He has a lot to prove and he’s smart enough to realize that.

So what are the chances all three return in 2020-21?

Right now, I’d say there’s a better chance that all three return than just one comes back. Two is the most likely scenario, but there’s talk that all three coming back is a very good possibility.

I’ll give it a 60 percent chance as of right now and it’s improving by the day.

If all three return, Michigan State might not have room for Karim Mane, but that’s still a top-five team heading into next season.

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