Michigan State Basketball: 3 reasons Aaron Henry will return for junior year

Aaron Henry, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Aaron Henry, Michigan State basketball (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Aaron Henry declared for the NBA draft right before the deadline, but there’s a feeling he’ll be back for his junior year with Michigan State basketball.

In one of the more surprising moves of the offseason, Aaron Henry decided to hire an agent last week but because of the new rules, if the agent is approved by the NCAA, the player can still maintain his eligibility.

Luckily for Henry and Spartan fans everywhere, his agent was on the short list of approved player representatives by the NCAA. He can maintain that eligibility, but it also proved that Henry is serious about the NBA sooner rather than later.

Some believe he’s leaning toward remaining in the draft while others think he’s a lock to return.

While it’s tough to say in early-May with so much time until draft day, I’m going with the latter simply because he has no way of proving himself to NBA teams other than by the film already out on him.

Most players declare for the NBA draft just to get feedback from NBA teams. Scouts are usually very blunt about it, telling these kids that they’d make a big mistake by coming out early while others are coaxed into leaving school with potential first-round grades. Henry likely falls in the category of “should return” because he has so much more to prove.

Henry has had a solid first two seasons in East Lansing, but with Cassius Winston gone and the team needing a leader in 2020-21, he could be that guy.

Both Michigan State and Henry would benefit from a return, and this is why I think he’ll be back for his junior year.