Michigan State Football: Gabe Nealy quickly becoming 2021 class’ fan favorite

Josiah Scott, Michigan State football (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images)
Josiah Scott, Michigan State football (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images) /

If you’re looking for a future fan favorite and leader from the 2021 Michigan State football recruiting class, Gabe Nealy is your guy.

Every year, there seems to be that one recruit who takes each Michigan State recruiting class by storm. Dating back to Messiah deWeaver in 2016, each class has had that “leader” who also happens to be a fan favorite and the 2021 group is no different.

There have been a number of future fan favorites joining the program over the years and the most recent had to have been Darius Snow in 2020, but Gabe Nealy is quickly becoming ‘that guy’ for the 2021 class.

In fact, he’s been all over social media, trying to build the Michigan State brand, sell fans and fellow recruits on Mel Tucker and just keeping everyone entertained during social distancing.

If there was ever a reason to be excited about the future of Michigan State football besides Tucker’s arrival, it’s Nealy.

It all started with a simple video post of Rams cornerback Marcus Peters telling the media “I think we ain’t done yet” to signify that the 2021 class was just getting started.


After that took off, he started to gain the attention of Spartan nation and he started ramping up his pro-MSU tweets.

This one was just a couple of days after his own commitment to Michigan State.


And then another one a couple of days later.


And then the confidence started to show.


Then he started to hear it from the Michigan crowd and he wasn’t having the disrespect over recruiting rankings.


Watching the NFL draft, he was excited to see a Spartan cornerback drafted in the fourth round despite never having played with him.


And was equally as excited for Kenny Willekes.


Of course there was this hilarious tweet about Michigan State recruiting taking off. Warning: harsh language.


The good old “I told you so” tweet.


Big dreams are exactly what you want to see from a top recruit.


Nealy then did a Q&A with Michigan State fans and answered every tweet at him. Every. Single. Tweet.


How could you not love this tweet?


Unhappy with the fact that MSU is getting left out of the early 2020 rankings? It shouldn’t be a shock to fans, but Nealy wasn’t please with the omission.


Don’t worry, he’s not just tweeting, he’s perfecting his craft by working out.


Nealy’s love for Michigan State is actually impressive and he couldn’t have fans more fired up about his future.


If you don’t already love this kid, give him a follow on Twitter. You won’t be disappointed.

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The future of Michigan State is relatively uncertain, but you’d never know that after reading through Nealy’s tweets and his confidence in the new coaching staff, the program and his own talent is second to none.